I used to watch Porn

It all first started when as a really young child, I was allowed to watch the same shows as grown ups. I watched men frisking women up their skirts, raping them, adults making out. I actually thought it was nice to get “raped” cause it looked so sexy on tv. Those images never really leave … Continue reading I used to watch Porn

34, Delivered From Birthday Depression

Today was my birthday. I woke up without the usual heaviness this time of the year. No lies that said I didn’t matter, no checks on Facebook to see how many wishes I got, no wondering if I would get any surprises, cakes or presents and who would remember. Nothing of that, AT ALL 😱. … Continue reading 34, Delivered From Birthday Depression

The Disappointing C section that gave me Truth and Life.

Heads and Hands Down Aletheia (Truth) And Zoe(Life) come by Grace. Today we had a regular visit to the doctors at 31 weeks and to my very pleasant surprise, Zoe was engaged and head down! What I had thought was her head on the right side of my belly was actually her butt! The feeling … Continue reading The Disappointing C section that gave me Truth and Life.