The Mom Attack

Yesterday Theia started sneezing and I prayed for her confidently, trusting that there was power in my prayer even if I didn’t see the circumstances change immediately but just resting that Jesus’s got this. Just a month ago before I was set free from my fear of the kids falling sick, every single time she … Continue reading The Mom Attack

11 Years Married

Today we turned 11 and embarked on our once a year fancy lunch ( mostly my wanting because I’m all about atmosphere and wanting the food to look artistic 😂) BUT . This picture was also taken right before I suddenly felt my heart sink and I pondered on the lies and had all these … Continue reading 11 Years Married

The Disappointing C section that gave me Truth and Life.

Heads and Hands Down Aletheia (Truth) And Zoe(Life) come by Grace. Today we had a regular visit to the doctors at 31 weeks and to my very pleasant surprise, Zoe was engaged and head down! What I had thought was her head on the right side of my belly was actually her butt! The feeling … Continue reading The Disappointing C section that gave me Truth and Life.