Pregnant and Unmarried

10 years ago, we found out that we were pregnant. Mark was not even 21 and I had just turned 23. I was a financial advisor and he was finishing up his national service. We were NOT married. It was probably March or April that we found out. We were happy and told our parents … Continue reading Pregnant and Unmarried

Honestly, I am Insecure.

Last night I had a flashback and recalled how in primary school I was so insecure and had written in my journals that I had no one to go to recess with me... and every-time it was Recess time I felt so insecure. We had gone away and come back from Israel and having to … Continue reading Honestly, I am Insecure.

When Something Good Becomes Something Bad

I had recently fallen into a hole of feeling like a flake for succumbing into thinking about quitting BJJ. I cried so much because it felt like an intense and fun yet abusive boyfriend that I loved but had to breakup with because as much as I liked it, things just weren’t working out. And … Continue reading When Something Good Becomes Something Bad