God’s Heart For Mummies

This morning I was listening to the Book of Luke Chapter One and something jumped out to me so significantly like it never did before was how God had let Mary and Elizabeth conceive John and Jesus 6 months apart and do motherhood together. They met and shared each other's joy! In the sixth month … Continue reading God’s Heart For Mummies

Do You Know The Secret Place?

Before I moved to New York I was attending conferences, going to church events and getting prayed for and spoken to many times a week. I drew from all of these and got my spiritual High whenever I was with people.  When we ended up in a suburban town in Conneticut, I found myself walking … Continue reading Do You Know The Secret Place?

Finally a Human BEing ? // my journey from doing to being ❤️ //

I remember the days where I would measure the success of my day by how much I got done. Was I productive ? How many Statement necklaces did I make today? I measured my productiveness and whether the day was a “good” day when I felt accomplished. Obviously when Aletheia was born, you could have … Continue reading Finally a Human BEing ? // my journey from doing to being ❤️ //