Which Pool are You Swimming In?

Holy Spirit was talking to me about idols today and I was asking WHY would anyone want to worship Idols rather than the true and living God?

He showed me an inflatable pool. A small inflatable pool with a slide in someone’s garden.

Men want to fill up for themselves this inflatable pool so they can fill up as much as they want but they can even then only fill up what the size of their pool contains. Dont swim in this… this feels “safe” and man made and no sharks and all but it is shallow and artificial. Once u slide down u will hit yourself on the ground. You might feel wet but you are not in the sea.

Some people are in the sea but they are not swimming in it they are still on canoes rowing wearing life vests. They are still clinging onto whatever man made vests they think will protect them. They want to be at the sea but they don’t want to be submerged in my presence and fully soak themselves in me because they still don’t trust me. They havent seen others jump in yet. They are still floating and rowing around… dry….

And then there are those free and full of joy. They are full of trust and are fearless. They jump from cliffs into the ocean. They run and do somersaults in the air and slam dunk themselves into the river. They are enjoying themselves in my presence. This is such a beautiful scene. I want this lord.  Wow.

But then there are those that go deep under my waters that use my.oxygen tank and go deep into seeing my heart. They get to see my beautiful creation. My corals, the fishes. They are submerged and they see a world that not everyone sees if they don’t want to dive in with me. It’s all a journey they choose but I always invite you to come.

Surfers of waves…there are those who catch the waves. They only wait for the waves. The move of God so they can ride on those waves and feel the thrill and high of my power… but when the waves are over they go back to dry land.

Ponds. There are those with ponds. Which.might be the worst because they only have some water and sea to study them admire and keep them as decoration and to show when people come around, but they don’t actually swim in the water and they don’t get wet at all. They keep fishes as how.many fishes can i have or keep…

How long will you worship idols and how long will you build your own pools? Do you want to encounter the living God and the holy spirit? The only way to the father is through his son Jesus Christ. Do you want to be submerged in what is of God or man made?

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