Do You Know The Secret Place?

Before I moved to New York I was attending conferences, going to church events and getting prayed for and spoken to many times a week. I drew from all of these and got my spiritual High whenever I was with people. 

When we ended up in a suburban town in Conneticut, I found myself walking in empty parks, shopping in empty malls, unable to go out at night and without the community I had relied on for my spiritual high for so long.
I could always get warm when I attended campfires and felt Cosy sitting beside other fellow believers roasting marshmallows and hearing their stories big when the night was over back in my own room, it would be cold. I did not know how to start a fire. 
Thing is, we all can start a fire. But how?
Daily we can enter the presence of God. These days I close my eyes and literally see the temple of the lord and the sacrifices that had to be made by the priests for the forgiveness of sins – except that I am holding in my hands the reminders of the final sacrifice. The bread and the wine in the body and blood of Jesus Christ as the final sacrifice. It blows my mind that I am actually able right now, to enter the holy of Holies, that secret place and be in his presence. 
The fact that I am forgiven, I CAN have a relationship with and talk to GOD and he has giving me a teacher and a helper and a comforter in the Holy Spirit and did all of that through his son Jesus Christ’s final sacrifice blows my mind. I cannot help but be awed amazed and thankful that I am even alive today, I do not deserve even the breathe in my lungs but it is a gift. 
It is GOOD to have fellowship with other believers in the kingdom. It is GOOD to be filled with the word and worship with others often! But I feel so strongly today the Holy spirits heart saying but it is also very important to BE in the secret place. 
“But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.”
‭‭Matthew‬ ‭6:6 niv
Today if you’re wondering how? Can I encourage you to just ENTER? Meaning just come. Just go. Just sit alone in a quiet room and WAIT. 
You can start with “Here I Am, Lord” and WAIT. Pause. WAIT upon the Lord. 
Too often we “pray” vending machine prayers and want instant gratification and treat God like a slot machine but that isn’t what he’s about. He’s not a answering machine or a robot. He’s a person and wants a relationship, a conversation – and a conversation is TWO WAYS and not one sided.
Ever had lunch with a person that could not stop asking you for money, or tell you all their issues and never once stopped to ask and wait for your reply? Would you appreciate and enjoy that kind of relationship?
Being in the secret place is being in a position to come to the presence of a king! In the past people would have to be summoned by the king and if they came to him would permission, could even pay for it with their lives!
Today we actually have the permission to COME into the presence of a king! Think about that!!!
When you come into the presence of a KING, the creator of the whole universe, knowing that at the same time he is your father… and he loves you… how would you talk to him?
Would you demand, or would you worship and be thankful? In that very moment, as king he could have your life! But he spared you, and he loves you…. how would you come to such a king and father?
Would you pause and think about that today?
When was the last time you and God had a private intimate conversation? 🙂

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