A simple Truth

As I was putting my daughter Aletheia to bed, we were talking about Jesus and why he had to die on the cross. I told her this story. 

Imagine you are at home in the loving arms of mummy and daddy. We tell you not to open the door to strangers and bad guys because we love you and want to protect you. 
A bad guy knocks on the door and pretends to be a fun person. He says “are you sure your mummy said you can’t go out and open the door?” Maybe it’s because your mummy doesn’t want you to have fun … maybe she doesn’t love you and doesn’t want you to know all that she knows about how fun it is out there. Open the door and I will show you. 
You believe his lie and get tricked and open the door but the minute you open the door, he kidnaps you and takes you away from
Your mummy and daddy and out of their home and their protection. 
Mummy and daddy love you so much they tried to make a plan that would save you. Daddy told the bad guy and found a plan so that he could trade his life for yours to bring you home, so that you could be in his presence again. 
That mummy and Daddy is God and he sent Jesus to take our place so that we could come home again. He loves Jesus so much but he loved you and me so much that he gave up his only son, so that he could redeem us back from
The clutches of sin and death (the things that separate us from God and condemn us. ) 
Because he is a holy God, he couldn’t just let things slip and forget the whole thing and just say nevermind let’s just forget it ever happened. It had been done when Adam and Eve, where we all come from – you And I – chose to believe a lie about God and chose to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil instead of the tree of life. 
Everyday today we still make these choices! Daily we choose if we want to believe lies or the truth. Daily we decide if we want to eat from knowledge – what we know in our head that makes sense and reason out our own sense of righteousness and goodness by the works that we do and try to justify ourselves thinking we understand what is good and shun what is evil when Only GOD is good and whatever goodness we try to attain on our own ( by the standards of a perfect God) is flawed and falls short of the glory or perfectness of a perfect God who knows no sin and does no sin. 
Or will we choose today to eat from the tree of life ? The only one that can give life ? In revelations Jesus said behold I stand at the door and knock, whoever hears my voice and opens the door – I will come and EAT a WITH HIM. It’s all about eating because it’s about what we are feeding on. When we search for life in eveything dead- we become like the walking dead. Walking? But dead inside. 
I know he’s been knocking on the hearts of some of you reading this today. Perhaps you’ve thought to yourself that you need to be good before you come to God. Get rid of your sin first etc. I grew up in a church and my dad was a “pastor” but somehow I never knew God and never understood the gospel. The gospel and the kingdom of God upon you means he has the ability right now to completely set you free. Maybe you won’t see it in the natural 
Overnight , but in the eyes of God, Jesus took your place and you took his place and he sees you righteous and whiter than snow. When you receiver that truth into your heart and life and make Jesus the king of your life and your world – he takes over and he starts ruling your life with his peace and truth and wisdom and your life will never be the same again. – the kingdom
Of God has come upon you! 
I pray that if you’ve been a “Christian” for a long time but have never really heard the gospel like this before – would you seek and search for the truth? If what I’m saying is just a fairy tale, then it’s just a story… BUT, what if This story is TRUE? Then how would you live your life today? What would change? 
It says in Matthew ASK and your shall recieve, SEEK and you shall find, KNOCK !!! And the doors will be open unto you!!!! Not just for things you want in thai life that cannot satisfy. Not just for the car the house the good school. 
ASK – God who are you ? Reveal yourself to me. 
SEEK – a revelation of HIM his love and the secrets of his kingdom !
KNOCK – and let him OPEN the door and come into your life to sit down with you and have a meal. What does eating with someone look like? It looks like friendship and a relationship! He wants to KNOW you and be known by you! 
Friends I’ve been personally under a religious spirit my entire life till I actually encountered Gods love and heard the gospel as it is in truth! I went to church and heard all the Bible stories ams could memorize all the 10 commandments but it did not give me life ! I did not KNOW GOD. I heard about him… but I did not know him. In fact I was afraid to. He seemed angry and unkind ! That could not be further from the truth when he  first loved us… we can only love because he first loved us. 
I love you,
Because he first loved me. 

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