Parenthood and the Kingdom of God

God gave us children to open the eyes of our hearts to understand how and why He would give up so much to have us. That love. 

Why we would go through all the physical “pain” or carrying and growing and delivering our children all to go through many years more of taking care of them, disciplining, feeding them at the expense of our sleep, cost involved in bringing them up, wanting to shower them with gifts to see their joyful faces, wanting to bring out true best in them and support them however we can.
Parenthood brings about that sacrificial love that we never had before we became parents. 
God so loved us that he GAVE. He gave OF Himself, like so many of us parents are daily having to “die” to our own wants and needs to put our children’s needs before us. No matter how tired we are or how we would like to be out late having dinner or watching a movie, it takes a greater LOVE OF someone else other than Yourself, to be able to give up And sacrifice the life you had before, for a greater love. 
A love so great that it stresses you out sometimes, gets you frustrated and pulling out your hair sometimes, but a love that’s able to still bring you there to the cross, because you know it is worth it, THEY are worth it . 
Parenthood brings us closer in experience to our original and first and eternal Parents. God and the Holy Spirit through their coming and GIVING of themselves through the SON of GOD, we understand how WE are loved on and brought into his family that’s filled with His Righteousness, Peace and Joy a.k.a His Kingdom. His Kingdom is what the family of God looks like, where God is the king, in his Kingdom, and we are his royal family, heirs to his promises for his children.
The “Kingdom” of God seems so complicated to understand when I first kept reading about it in the Bible and hearing messages about it but today I felt God say the Kingdom of God is like entering His House. Being a part of His Family and how we Enter His Righteousness and we will be able to sense and be filled with His Peace and His Joy when we enter into his family because this is the culture of The King’s Family. The Royal Family. 
And movies and history have made kings and the royal family seem cold and cruel and snobbish but imagine a King that is FULL of MERCY and LOVE. A king that would dress up as a commoner and get hung on the gallows for a crime of some Nobody in the streets, to take on that punishment. A King that would serve his people and tell you that that’s what love looks like. 
A king that takes off his robes to wash YOUR Feet. He is the King of ALL Kings. He is Jesus. He is God. He is the Holy Spirit. He is our Father, our mother, our brother. He is the light, he is the word, he is the life. He is around us, and his spirit is within us.
 Nothing was created without Him,
 and without Him, we can do nothing. 

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