His Kind Of Love – On Spotify

I have always thought of myself as a creative, a jewelry designer, an artist, but never as a singer or songwriter.

I would not have imagined that one day, God would give me what I call a spirit of “thick-skin” / boldness 😂 to just publish this on Spotify.

In fact, the very irony is that I believed a life long lie that ” I can’t sing”, just as before I started this blog I had accepted the other lie that “I can’t write”.

I wrote a few songs and sang the Bible psalms in 2012 before I moved to New York and had imagined that when I was there ( “in a house with Windows framing trees and the sky somewhere upstate, by my grand piano”) that I would have written more and spent time in the presence of God worshipping quietly.

The reality was that I did not touch my keyboard for years and that life was just a hustle trying to keep afloat being a stay home mom with no help at home, in a tiny and cluttered 1 bedroom apartment in The city.

It was not till we settled down back in Singapore 6 whole years later that these songs resurfaced in my heart and have a greater foundation. I knew HIS love but now I KNOW? I really KNOW.


So here I am as with how I started Hadasity and the SG moms group and every other journey in my life. I don’t know what I am doing, but I have this very very strong prompting that I have learned to understand as His Leading. To just GO, and to JUST DO IT. Just follow that prompting today, and see what he tells you to do Tomorrow.

So this song is now on Spotify and iTunes and google play and most platforms that are out there. I will be honest with you, I converted the audio from a video recording I did…. this upload took me all but less than 15 minutes.

When he holds my hand, I walk.

And somehow, that mountain doesn’t seem so tall and that climb was effortless. I would never have thought that uploading a song onto Spotify was that easy! But here it is.

If you’re reading and listening, I’m believing that you will encounter the love of Jesus. His Kind of Love. 🙏🏻❤️


I used to love singing KTV and Chinese songs even though I don’t speak Chinese well and had a good sister in Christ help me with the words when I struggled to find the translation for this song when it came to my heart. Forever thankful to you Winoa.

When I first encountered TRUE LOVE, I wrote and sang about it. I’ve had my share of bad relationships, messy boyfriends and breakups and heartaches till I met my husband Mark. But this LOVE that I met, was not the human kind of love…. it is not the kind of love that any man or wo-man can give you.

Praying that you encounter this special love as you listen to the words if you understand Chinese. And if you don’t , they mean this :

His kind of love

Is the kind that doesn’t change its mind

More than anything you can ever imagine type of love

His kind of love will never leave you

Will never one day desert you

His kind of love makes you secure

He wants to protect you

Hold your hand to forever

He’s whispering in your ear

Gently saying to you

My love will never leave you

My love will never desert you

You will not be shaken in my love.

When you follow Jesus Christ

He is an unwavering fortress

When you’re lost and heartbroken

He is your refuge and shelter

One word from his mouth

Can fill my heart with hope

When I receive his light

He shines into the darkness in my life.

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