The Mom Attack

Yesterday Theia started sneezing and I prayed for her confidently, trusting that there was power in my prayer even if I didn’t see the circumstances change immediately but just resting that Jesus’s got this.

Just a month ago before I was set free from my fear of the kids falling sick, every single time she sneezed I would feel anxiety in my body. I would get so tensed imagining that the germs were flying all over the house and onto Zoe and spreading everywhere. I would be stressed. I’m embarrassed to say this but I would even feel a little frustrated with her for sneezing again even though it wasn’t her fault! I gave her vitamins and we were taking sambucol and cold and flu hylands for almost 2 months but she just would not stop sneezing and sniffling! I even thought that she had sinus.

I finally let it go to Jesus. God, help me live the let go life, I let this fear go! I kept declaring that even if a thousand viruses would fall all around us it will not come near us as psalm 91 said.

She still has some phlegm as I type right now but that intense fear is gone. Fear, I am done with you! The real battle to trust came when Zoe suddenly broke out in rashes for NO REASON. If I had tried to trace the “trigger” I would have to fear life itself. I would have to fear everything in the air, the playground, detergent, anything and everything since “anything” could have triggered it.

I knew this was an attack because I had literally just declared and prayed over our children and moms the day before declaring that no weapon formed against our children would prosper – but did I really believe it and would I be able to fight off all the voices that tell me that it’s only “normal” for kids to fall sick so often? That allergies and rashes are so common? That we should expect our kids to even fall sick all the time to build their immunity? I had believed those lies for so long since moving back and I realized that the more I tried to protect my kids from the invisible germs, the more they fell sick! The more stressed up I got, the more I sanitized my hands, the more I tried to fight this “invisible” war of viruses and germs, the more I was losing a battle – the battle to trust that God is looking after my kids, loves them more than I do, and that Jesus paid the price for all of this!!! Fever, HFMD, cold and flu, it is FINISHED!

This morning I was pleasantly surprised but not shocked when Aletheia delightfully exclaimed to me that she stopped sneezing!

She was well for a long time and suddenly started sneezing yesterday. This morning she was all smiles when she said “Mama!!! I’m not sneezing anymore because you prayed for me!!!! God is SOO GOOD, right ?!!!!!” ❤️ wow…. I said YES , he IS !!!!!!!!

Left, right, centre…. the devil has just been whacking us moms upside down with the fear of our kids being sick! And can I tell you? I don’t know about you but I am personally SICK of it !

Just this week alone I so many moms I know have shared that they are going through health problems with their kids.

Mamas, can we pray together? It does NOT have to be this way. I reject the lie that our kids HAVE to fall sick to build their immunity! The blood of Jesus protects them and the blood of Jesus does not have viruses and diseases. Jesus said that he came to HEAL the SICK, raise the DEAD and cast out demons. He said that By HIS Stripes we have been healed – and that includes our children! He said LET the little children COME to him! How precious are our children to him? Would we let them COME to him? Yes! Let’s give our children’s health to Jesus! Cast all our cares upon him because he cares for us! Jesus, you can have our children! Spirit of fear, we do not partner with you. We will NOT fear viruses and germs and HFMD because it has no hold over our kids and us. Our kids are SET apart ! They are IN the world but they are not OF the world. In Jesus’s name we speak to cold, flu, fever, herpangina, HFMD germs and command them to be plucked out of their roots and thrown into the sea wherever they are , in Jesus name!

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