5 Years in NYC and 2 kids later

This comes a little premature but it’s been stuck in my throat for the past few months as I’ve known that I know that I know, that we were moving back to Singapore, but I didn’t know exactly when and exactly how and exactly if it would really really happen.

You see, in January this year, one of the pastors in our church prayed over us and said something we were quite surprised to hear. He said, “God’s not just going to bless you in this country, but in your home country and God is not done with you in your home country “ along with many other things that made us feel so KNOWN and so LOVED by God. The fact that he cared, that he knew us inside out, that he knew about our family, our circumstances, our personalities. When you get a word from God that just wrecks your heart because it blows your mind that the God of the universe, who created the world, KNOWS you and every detail of your life, and that he has plans and purposes for you…. that wrecks me. That kind of undeserved love, that wrecks me.

Shortly after we got that word, we had options to keep Aletheia’s spot for school in Singapore next year but that meant paying for the entire semesters school fees. Because of the word, we kept it not knowing WHEN we would move or HOW, just knowing that it might because God said he would.

When I tried signing Aletheia up for Preschool in Fall, they told me the class was full since the year before. I was initially so shocked and started panicking. NO SCHOOL for Aletheia ? What was I going to do? I started to sort of look around for schools but somehow just didn’t feel the peace to sign up for anything. I just left it hanging. What IF, the door was closed for her school because we might be moving back to Singapore?

2 years ago… our HDB flat’s tenancy was up and we needed yet again to appeal to rent it out as we have not reached the Minimum Occupation Period. Previously they had only allowed us to rent out the place for ONE YEAR and had always ended the email saying that that would be he final year and we would have to make plans to move back. 2 years ago? By some miracle, they replied our appeal stating that they would give us TWO YEARS! And that would be the final final time they allow us to rent it out. The Lease ends the 30th of November 2018 This Year. Again, we thought, WHAT IF that was Gods plan all along for us! That he was making all things work for our good to move back?

And then it happened. Or we thought it seemed like it was happening. In 5 years, Mark had NEVER been offered the opportunity to work in Singapore again. But suddenly, an opportunity fell into his lap and things started happening. What was supposed to be a start next year, turned to probably end of Nov, became the 8th of October.

And so, we start another faith journey back to our homeland. “Go, to the land that i will show you” God said to Abraham. From the past 5 years in NYC, I realized God never gave Abraham the exact location and maps and plans and dates and times ahead but he always just told him GO… I will show you.

More and more I have come to see how more than anything, this journey is about that daily walk. He wants us to go to the land because he wants to walk with us and show us, daily. He gives us clues and drops hints along the way to let us know that he’s with us, keep walking… keep going. I will show you more, later, tomorrow – if you would just trust me and recognize my voice – that still small voice. I have plans to prosper you, to give you a hope and a future.

5 years ago when we first came to New York it was so hard. We struggled, we really struggled in the first year. I wondered why, why did he bring us here? We had no friends, no family, and honestly no money either. The taxes are high, insurance is crazy, rent is ridiculous, school costs an arm and an leg… so why ?

And then each and every year he blessed us. More and more as our needs increased he blessed us. We never would have imagined that we could even afford to let Aletheia have her own room or send her to school. He has blessed us above and beyond all that we could even ask or think of or imagine. And every single time our bank accounts were dry and we planted seeds in our home church whatever little we had, he blessed us back 10 times more than what we had given him almost immediately. And we don’t give just so he would give us back – but because when we give we acknowledge that everything we have comes from him and HE is the provider. And HE IS. And he shows up every single time… in his own time and way to let us know he’s been right there, ALL ALONG.

And 5 years and 2 beautiful girls later, he’s bringing us back. I don’t know exactly WHY yet, but I know THiS I can pray and thank him for – “Give me THiS DAY, my DAILY BREAD”.

Thank you for THIS DAY

Thank you for my DAILY GRACE

For daily walking with me.

For everyday that is a gift

For every breathe that I still take.

I may not know what tomorrow brings,

But I know who walks with me

and who talks with me.

2 thoughts on “5 Years in NYC and 2 kids later

    1. I hope so too please say hi if we ever do bump into each other! Thank you so much that means a lot and keeps me sharing and gives me the courage too !❤️

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