WaitingFertility, Not Infertility❤️

MOST couples want kids, and if they are married and haven’t had their first – chances are they actually might be trying but don’t want to tell you. If they have 1 kid but don’t have a 2nd kid… chances are they do want another kid – so you don’t have to keep asking them – because every question is a reminder that it hasn’t happens yet, and sometimes it gets tiring facing this question too often. And I personally have been guilty of thinking this is “making small talk” and have asked this question often but it was not till recently that I realized how sensitive a question it can be when asked repeatedly over a course of time.

Of all the couples I’ve heard who didn’t want kids yet, I find out later that they struggled with it and eventually only announced when they got pregnant.

Personally We wanted Kids for a long time but there was a God Time for Aletheia to come.

I don’t know when #2 will come but it has been a 1.5 year wait – so yes – we want more kids 🙂

But just as Aletheia came at the right time, at her God Time – it’s hard to wait and sometimes disappointing, but I choose to trust my Father in heaven and what he has said (to me). If Abraham and Sarah, the star couple of Faith had to wait for that many years (8 years after The child of “taking matters into their own hands” came), I’m sure I can wait a couple more months or years 🙂

And thank you for believing with us, and for praying for us.

Although we are not suffering from “INfertility”, we are going through a “waitingfertility” ❤

And for those of you out there who struggle with this too – I feel you. I know, and WE KNOW.

With all my love,

I am standing with you.

#tbt to 3 days before Aletheia was born… I guess the 18KG I had put on contributed to this giant watermelon! 😂😅

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