When Something Good Becomes Something Bad

I had recently fallen into a hole of feeling like a flake for succumbing into thinking about quitting BJJ. I cried so much because it felt like an intense and fun yet abusive boyfriend that I loved but had to breakup with because as much as I liked it, things just weren’t working out.

And I beat myself about that because I hate to be a quitter, and I had just proclaimed that “I could do all things through Christ” – the devil really pinned me down on that.

I came to realize today that as with everything that we come to identify ourselves with and love, it is so good, but it is so bad when we make it our identity. It is so good to love being “stronger” but that doesn’t mean I am a “strong” girl in everything and that if I were to quit, my identity is crushed.

It is so good to love our kids and be the best moms we can be, but it’s so dangerous even to solely identity ourselves as only moms first because when we fail and have bad days- our identity is crushed.

It is so great when you are doing well in your career, holding a good position, earning good money, but so dangerous if our identity is in how much money we make, what companies we work for….

Today I reminded myself that before I can be a mom, before I can be “stronger”, I need to be a daughter first. I need to always always remember that I have to receive from my Heavenly Father before I have anything to give. Then even when everything else strips me of the identity that I have come to give myself or that the world has placed upon me- that it would reveal the bare truth of who I am ALWAYS.

Friends you may not yet be a wife. You may not yet be a mother. You may not yet be a boss, a successful entrepreneur. You may not yet be a dad. You may not yet be a top student or the highest achiever, or have the “perfect” or “strongest” body….

BUT you are a son of God.

You are a daughter,

and YOU –

ARE so very very


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