A Little Parking Miracle

Tonight we were coming back from
Alstead Farms and it was 9pm Saturday night. Aletheia had fallen asleep in the car and she is heavy. I asked Mark if he would be able to get a parking lot by the road if possible and he said it was highly unlikely as it was saturday night.
I had a quick thought / talk with God and asked for a parking lot because it would have been hard for me to manage carrying her up and settling her down alone while Mark drove the car to the garage on 94ths and 1st and walked back (plus he had a slight leg injury so it would have been super nice if he didn’t have to walk back ).
I just thought I heard that there was a lot on 87th street. And then I asked where on 87th and I heard 2nd ! And then I asked Mark, were we on 87th street ? He said yes. We were approaching 2nd avenue as I asked if it would be on the left or right and I clearly heard LEFT. 
I didn’t say anything to Mark because I wasn’t sure if it was my own thoughts or if I was hearing HS’s promptings and it did seem like all the lots were taken and there were so many cars on each side of the road but BAMM! Right when I thought we were approaching 3rd Ave (past the 2nd Ave I heard) mark spotted an empty space on the LEFT side! I was like 😱😱😱
This doesn’t happen all the time but I really felt like he just wanted to let us know today that he loves us so much, that I CAN hear him clearly, what matters to us , DOES matters to him and that I could really follow his voice when I asked. 
What would life look like if I talked to God about everything and tried to hear what he was saying in every situation before it happened? How mind blown would I be at how often he speaks and how clearly? How much more aware would I be that all my steps are directed by him and that he has plans for me? And that everything I AM, everything I HAVE , everyone I KNOW, everyplace I AM in, and in every situation, he can and will direct my steps and has me under his wings, in the center of his heart ?
He Speaks To us More than we think he does.
“My Sheep Hear My Voice”

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