Living In The Mess

The Perfect Family – we have it together at all times, and our house looks like this perpetually – NOT. 

 Today I had an amazing day because I chose to let the unfolded clothes remain on the floor, leave Aletheia’s toys all over the place as they were, let the dishes remain in the sink, and basically leave my house in a mess.

Aletheia had her first day in school which gave me 3 hours of quality alone time. The teachers wanted me to stay to watch even though she was fine, which ate into my previous me Time and by the time I got back I had 2.5 hours left. I had not had breakfast and I wanted to do my work @hadasity .

Only 2.5 hours!!! I stressed as always with time but I chose to give my time to God first and it made ALL the difference. I had my breakfast and coffee, spent time with God, spoke to my mom as she called, got done to work and made something I loved working on and looked at the clock – crazy! I still had 45 mins left !

How God was able to really expand my time when I gave it to him first! And now as I decided to close my day with him again, I feel SO full.

And I heard ” Live in the mess” so clearly. Often times… we moms feel pressured to do EVERYTHING.

And that’s where the pressure rises because there’s only so much time in a day and he house gets messy so often and there will always be spills to clean, toys to pick up, laundry to fold, food to cook – but can we still put God first in the middle of it all? What is giving? Times when I decided that I didn’t have time for my quiet time with God was when I literally Saw my time just Go down the drain, very quickly. Hurrying here and here and stressing out and before I know it, time is over, the day is gone.

TODAY and everyday is now my opportunity to say God, I commit my TIME to you. I will live in the mess because you will give me the grace to clear it later ❤

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