Cageless Bird – Creatively Free

God is doing something. From having NO inspiration to paint for the past 8 months, after reading @cagelessbirds briefly, I had the urge to paint. I quickly tore the wrapper of a new canvas and brought all my paint out for the first time in a long time, and for the first time in this apartment, in 2017, back in Manhattan.
I realized that I was somewhat paralyzed last year after the art show. I had let the fact that whether I sold any paintings define me. I figured I should stop because I wasn’t going to sell, and what would I do with all these paintings?
But today I was set free because I created for the sake of being creative. I created because I was stirred in my heart to motion. I created because I AM creative, because I AM a child of God, I AM a creative being like my father.
Today I remind myself and God reminded me, that my creative expression itself – the one that creates for the sake of creating, the art of being free to do whatever ( without any BECAUSE) and the “COST” and “HOW MUCH” had far greater value.
Today that lie is broken – the one that says someone else has to give approval to your creativity for it to be good.
The truth is, whatever you create in your creative expression that brings you joy, brings delight to your father – and his delight in your creative identity is what truly matters because that is who he created you to be.
If you’ve struggled with the same thoughts, I want to come into agreement with you the opposite. That you ARE creative, you don’t have to be approved by MEN because you have been approved by GOD himself, and if you think about that, that’s pretty crazy! #creativeGod #creativechildren#youarecreative

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