A Life Transformed. ( Body-wise)

Moms who have only met me recently would think that I’ve always been skinny. But the truth is that I had put on so much weight when I was pregnant. I put on 18kg and even when Aletheia turned 1, I still had 10 kg to go! I gave up and bought jeans that were size 28 thinking I was never going to lose my mom weight. I never thought that the day would come that I would have trouble finding jeans in my size because I was a size 23! I’ve always wanted to lead a healthy lifestyle and exercise but I never found the push to do it because I never felt fat and didn’t think I “needed” it. I’m so thankful that this was the push for me to start taking care of myself internally and physically. I realized I had also stopped dressing up and I had thought that I had just become a mom and just didn’t care about how I looked anymore. Now I realize that it was probably because I didn’t feel good about how I looked and probably that I didn’t have the time or energy as well. I’m having so much fun dressing up again and I love these @7fam size 23 jeans that were on a huge sale at Woodbury for $29? Perfect fit plus in my size! Thank you Lord 🙌🏻 // Just wanted to encourage you mummies who feel like it’s not possible – IT IS! You can do it! ❤️

I used to HATE exercise. It just wasn’t for me, I couldn’t do it. My arms would ache from trying to braid my hair. In secondary school we played air hockey at the arcade and next day I couldn’t move my arms #truestory ! In Conneticut mid last year, I was bending over to pick up a bag of groceries to put into the car boot and my back pulled. It was the most intense paralyzing pain I’ve felt. I could not move my body and I had to fight every inch of pain to even move a muscle cause my body froze. I was crying the whole night and felt so helpless and handicapped. We had to get to the hospital and the doctor gave me muscle relaxers. Point is, my body was SO weak. I had no muscles. I did not even know how to stand in alignment or to sit down on a chair without straining my lower back and tensing my upper back muscles. That’s when I decided to go for the @movnat training. We only went for a few months but I feel like it changed my life. One myth that busted for me was that workouts don’t have to be long and hard. For all our sessions, we did only a few like 4 half push ups slowly, and half planks (knees down) for 5 seconds and I just gave way. But the key was to do a little bit and then rest. And then do it again the next day. Since we moved back to NYC, I’ve only worked out for 10-15 mins everyday on my own. I started doing only 4 half push ups and 5 seconds of planking. Whenever I got tired I stopped! I’m being honest, I never pushed myself! And everyday I just did that very very little – with 10 kettleswings and pull ups. And I’m so amazed that my very little each day has actually grown into some muscles! Over time!!! And I feel stronger and stronger each day! I just wanted to encourage you that even if you only have 5 mins – that could be good enough! Even 1/2 push ups and 2 seconds of planking will be better than nothing! And you’ll find the time and strength more and more each day to do it longer and you’ll get stronger. 

When Aletheia was almost 1 !

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