But I know I can Trust You

I’ve been in Singapore for almost 6 weeks,
and haven’t seen my husband for that long.
This is the longest we’ve ever been apart, and for a daddy to not see his 2 year old daughter for that long hasn’t been easy.
But I know I can trust you.
Back when we first got asked if we wanted to relocate to NYC and said yes, and then Mark having had to fly up that following Monday 3 days after we said yes, was exciting yet frightening. We didn’t know how much he would be paid, we didn’t know when I would fly up, how I would get our house rented out in time, whether all our furniture would fit into our new place there (and then ending up in a 1 BR because everything was so expensive and we had to get rid of so much and so many of everything ), and we almost didn’t know anybody. Family and friendless, with an income halved by taxes and insurance , stress piled up and almost buried me till he encountered me with his love and promises.
And then I trusted him.
And then we had a baby, whom we waited for, for so long and she came in the perfect time in the perfect place. And then we made so many friends and then he just blessed us above and beyond all we could even ask for or imagine. And time after time he just showed that he is faithful beyond measure.
And then now, how all things worked out for the good. How Mark gets to fly back for work and gets to see us. How I got to spend so much quality time with my family. How I was led by his peace and not by stress and fear. How much of a difference this time has made. Time I would not have had if not for the delay. And despite not knowing what or how long more or when AGAIN, after a few days of gathering my thoughts and wrestling with the “what ifs”, I recalled all the times all things have worked out for the good and how every season had its perfect time and place and reason, and I knew this –
I can trust him, AGAIN.
With every prayer I say, I know you can, but EVEN IF it doesn’t happen the way I envisioned, I know you know better.
You have the best plans I cannot plan for myself.

UPDATE: Mark got sent back to Singapore for 2 weeks on a work trip to settle our visa. Which meant, free trip back to Singapore on business for him, 2 weeks with family, and that we all got to fly back to NYC together. GOD IS SO FAITHFUL!

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