The truth about Sex and Marriage

I am so thankful that by Gods grace, I have a wonderful and loving husband today. 
However, there were many years that I battled and questioned and lost my purity because I did not understand why sex out of marriage would  hurt me. I only saw it as one more law in the bible that I just did not understand that made me feel guilty and more ashamed to come to God. It was my reason for thinking that it was so hard to be a Christian and that I would only go back to church when I got married because only then, it would be acceptable in the eyes of God. 
As I have come to know the heart of God who is the creator of our sex drive and the pleasures of sex itself and knowing his heart for covenant relationships, it is sincerely on my heart’s cry that no one else should have to go through life without knowing this truth about sex. 
Praying this will bless you as it has blessed me! 

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