Hadasity Workshops and the Teaching Heart

To be so very honest, I have been quite nervous about the Hadasity workshops because I always thought that I did not have it in me to teach. My immediate response to anyone who asked me in the past, why don’t I expand – was that I couldn’t teach what I did. Even Talitha has not been taught how to make a statement necklace till now.
Not just that. If you had asked me a few years ago to teach a class, I would have actually been offended! What? Asking me to teach you how I make my statement necklaces – you might as well ask Bread talk for their pork floss bun recipe!
What has changed? A change of heart. A change of mind. A renewed mind.
It dawned upon me not too long ago that it would be pretty funny if I claimed all the credit for my necklaces when I pray all the time and ask God for ideas. Because that would be like asking him to the blueprint and then when I have it, start thinking that I came up with it myself! Kind of like when your parents give you pocket money and then you think it’s YOUR money – but really, it was theirs given to you!
Not just that. I used to think that if I taught others how to make, people would copy my ideas and there would be competition and I would lose out – as if our Heavenly Father doesn’t have creative and original ideas enough for all of us to share!
The truth is that we were created in His image and we are all creative creators, just like him!!! In your own original way, and it doesn’t have to show itself in painting and jewelry making – it could be in the way you organize your closet, dress yourself, COOK, CREATE solutions … You and your very own creative way. YOU ARE CREATIVE!
Today I received a gift that I never had. I never knew that I could teach, and perhaps I never was able to till now. I was amazed today at how I was able to communicate and guide my mom and auntie and sister patiently and joyfully throughout a good 3 plus hours and actually enjoyed it!
I prayed a simple prayer – “God I am not a teacher, I don’t know how to teach and I have not taught a class before. But I know you can and right not I just ask for a gift of teaching and I receive it. Give me a spirit of utterance and patience and wisdom to be able to guide and bring out the creativity in the girls that are coming to the class. Guide their hands and mine.”
Today we decided to do a dry run of the class with my mom and auntie. And they made beautiful necklaces which I am so proud of! If my mom and auntie can do it, so can you!! ( If Yan can cook, so can you! )
When I am weak, then I am strong.
When I can’t teach, then I can teach.
His Grace is for every place for when you say to him that God I can’t , but through you, I can.

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