Fear and Creativity

I think that so honestly, the one thing that prevents me from being creative is fear. Fear that what I create will not turn out nice. Fear that nobody will buy what I make. Fear that what I like and love isn’t commercial enough, and that it wouldn’t sell. In part, this fear seems to me like a sort of fear of rejection – in a business and creative sense.
I think the biggest turning point for me was when I stopped fearing (as much). I still do fear sometimes, but I always bring it to God – because I now know his word and his promises. And these truths are my stronghold in being creative because it allows me to come into agreement with the ideas and colours that come from within my soul and to trust that I AM creative because I was CREATED in HIS image – My father is a Creative Creator and he has made me just like him.
Before I make any jewelry or paint these days, I always raise my hands and just thank God that whatever I put my hands to prospers, and that I am highly favoured and blessed! I thank God for the unlimited creativity that he has in heaven and I just RECEIVE it – that instant. I receive the ideas by faith. Usually almost 90% of the time after that, I am rearing to go. I trust the first colour combinations and materials that catch my eye. I trust the inner voice I hear. I trust the Holy Spirit is guiding me and giving me ideas. I trust that he is blessing my process – and then whatever I make is full of love – because we put God in the center of the work of our hands, there is no fear.
I just googled the definition of INSPIRE and it read “ 1. to fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. “ and “2. To breathe in (air); inhale. “ And suddenly it all makes sense.
When we Inhale HIS Love and Presence and Promises, we are so filled with creativity because he is a creative being, that we exhale and release, and overflow with the urge to do just what we were created for – and our passion comes alive.

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