Reminiscing our Wedding – We turn 6 !

God thank you for 6 years of amazing marriage.
Thank you for Mark- the most loving and giving man I’ve ever known. 
When I think back to the relationships I had before, I am truly amazed at how good your gift is. 
I was told I would not make a good wife, that I was selfish and childish and that there was something wrong with me. I was verbally abused and talked down to and made use of by most of my ex boyfriends . I never really knew that I could be so happy and that two people could bring out the best in each other till I met Mark. Before that, my relationships had almost always brought out the worst in both parties- screaming, fighting, putting each other down, the whole works. I never knew that I could love everything about a person and not find anything annoying at all in a person till I met Mark. I guess that’s what you call unconditional love and I’m falling more and more in love everyday with this man who makes me laugh every single day.
And I know that despite how perfect he is, I would not have been contented and grateful if Jesus wasn’t in the centre of our love. There were times before I really knew God, that the lies of the enemy were so loud – telling me Mark didn’t love me enough and how so many things were just not gonna make me happy and for some brief moments I would think about it but I would always recall the good. But now that hardly ever happens cause I wouldn’t even allow the lies to get that far – Jesus in the centre of it all just made us so happy and more in love each day. Despite how in love we are… I wouldn’t know if we would still be so if not for Jesus and Gods love for us. For we only know how to love as much as we know what love is.
Before being with Mark, my longest relationship was only a year and the rest ended badly in a matter of months that seemed like years of tearing at each other. However these past 6 years of happy marriage flew by so fast without the drama… Only happy moments to laugh back on. I know the rest of our lives are going to be our best years YET and I’ll be more in love tomorrow than I was today. Thank you for my husband  God, he completes me.

2006 New Year’s Eve

2007 Mark’s 21st Birthday ( when he had to do BMT and the food wasn’t great and he lost so much weight haha)


2008 on our wedding day! 

We had a beautiful Jazz 1920s themed wedding and though it’s 6 years on, we are still very grateful to our awesome WP wedding planner – JO KOH! She’s the best!!! She came up with the idea of printing our names on ribbons to put on the top hats and got all the headbands with the feathers done as our wedding favours 🙂 Our photographer Louise Kwok was genius and I loved all the journalistic shots he took. Unfortunately he doesn’t do much weddings anymore but you can check out his portfolio . I have to still be so grateful to my darling friend Joshua Cheung who is a professional stylist and he helped me SOOO MUCH I LOVE YOU! We had a Jazz big band and our singer Melissa is TOP NOTCH get her for your wedding!


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