Doing The Right Thing, Even When It Scares You.

Just watched one of the saddest true stories – 12 years a slave.
The evil that mankind is capable of is so frightening.
Society can make it seem that it is normal to do evil.
Everyone else is doing it right? 
Just because everyone is doing wrong
Doesn’t make a wrong right.
No human being should ever be caught and uprooted from their homes and dragged to a foreign land to be sold as animals. How on earth did an entire Christian country, bible reading and quoting self proclaimed Christians end up doing such acts of atrocity, all this while still professing with their mouths that they are accountable to God, reading the very words of God every week to the very people they abuse? 
No wonder so many are done with God and the bible! Men have used the bible as a weapon of choice, to quote scriptures out of context, to pluck out sentences in the bible to use for their own purposes- to control, manipulate and instill fear. 
In today’s context, how many of us are still turning a blind eye to the oppressed? I asked myself this question throughout the movie, “would you have done something? Would you have helped? Would you have written that letter. Would you have stood up for the oppressed and be their voice when their throats have been completely strangled?”
No doubt it is scary, being that one person that does the right thing when so many others have lost their humanity and conscience – when even you yourself  might not be spared from their brutality.
But I love what Brad Pitt said …
 ” I am afraid, but I will do it. I will write that letter.” 
That one act of selflessness-even if done while still afraid-led to the salvation of a mans life and freedom, propelling this man to be an advocate for justice, impacting the whole nation, changing history and telling its story till today.
I wonder what would have become of Solomon had the letter not been written and sent. 
Would you dare to do the right thing, to stand up for injustice in any little way that you can even if you are afraid? 
You could save a mans life, 
you could write history, 
you could change the world.
Do the right thing,
even when it scares you.



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