Giving our Little, for His More!

Jesus asked his disciples, “How much bread do you have?” , and then gave thanks, blessed it and asked his disciples to hand it out. He didn’t just make bread out of thin air though he probably could.
This shows me that God prefers to make something out of what we already have. He could have made bread out of nothing. He could have made wine out of nothing; But he turned water into wine and he took the bread they had and multiply it.

Like everything in our lives, if we only would give it to Jesus  and say Lord, this is all I have, thanking him for it, blessing and start distributing it away….we can step back and watch him multiply our little as it exchanges hands.

I’m starting to think back to the time when my jewelry businesses was really not doing that well, and when I made pieces that looking back, weren’t that nice. My handiwork wasn’t great, but yet it was all I had. And when I took those 7 loaves of bread and gave it to Jesus…. Telling him, “my business is yours. use it for your glory and your kingdom, use it to touch the lives of my customers. May these pieces bring them Joy and Peace and many great memories. May your presence and love rest upon the pieces such that when they wear Hadasity, they will encounter your love. ” And just like that, he multiplied and blessed.

Badly taken photos of my 7 Loaves…..
( he has also blessed and multiplied my photography skills and I don’t take photos that look like this now! Also, I must admit the iphone 5s camera helps alot, thank God for the iphone! )

We have never sent out a single press release or press kit, but we have had features in different magazines, interviews on TV etc. We have not done any advertising except for running a. Facebook ad twice for a month or so, but our customers just find us. Praise and thanks be to our father who supplies us with the little we already have, blessing and multiplying as we start giving it out and blessing others with our little!

Today I feel Jesus asking us, “how much bread do you have?”. However little, small or insignificant you might think the bread you have is, just give it to Jesus. Thanking him, distribute your bread and watch him multiply it to feed the hungry!


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