It’s About Time.

I must have tried blogging three or four times already to date. First, because it seems like everyone who had an Etsy shop had to have a blog. On the second time again, I tried to start blogging about my shop but I never found the inspiration to do so. On the third attempt, I was inspired by fashion blogs to post their outfits everyday, and I tried to do so as well. This lasted all but less than 20 posts and eventually fizzled off.
As I look back on my multiple attempts to be like everybody else, to write about the things that matters to everybody else, I have come to realize that the only times I have not struggled to write and post a piece is when I write from my soul.

I should have faced the facts long ago – I am just the sort of person who can’t do anything that doesn’t really mean anything to me and that I am not quite passionate about.
And what have I been passionate about, enough to write deep from within my soul? The answer has been plain and obvious, but it has also been something that I’ve been afraid to post and therefore had not blogged about.
Why, why on earth would people want to read about my journey with God? Why on earth would people want to read about the love of God and the revelations that I have gotten about his love and Him through these years I have been walking with him? Wouldn’t the world be offended, at the fact that a Jewellery label’s designer is outright preaching about the essence of all that it is? Wouldn’t the world want to read and see pictures of what the world deemed sexy and important? Aren’t blogs all about fashion, things that we want to buy, things that we want to own, things that we like to wear?
It’s screaming at me now, but how did I not see it before? The answer is YES!
YES, to reading about love. YES, to knowing more about walking with God, knowing him. YES!
The past few posts that I managed to pluck up the courage (mostly because God gave me such an uncontrollable push and urge to write and share) to blog about my revelations of his love, and my testimony about what he has done in my life, have been the highest read posts that I have ever written. Yes, not my outfits of the day. Yes, not what I thought I had to blog about.
Three years ago when I was first experiencing the love of God, and having breakthroughs in my life from things that used to hold me down, I already felt God telling me…START A BLOG, write about it! But I was scared…. I still had so much fear of what people might think about me if I did really write about God. Thoughts like “won’t they think I’m a Jesus freak” ran through my mind.
So, I cowardly started a WordPress blog and wrote my first post under the pseudo name “ Hisdaughthersdiaries” about being thankful. I was so happy about what I wrote and one part of me wanted to share it with the world, and the other part of me was afraid to even put my name on it. So there, I deleted that blog in the end…. And nothing came out from it.
Well, these few days I’ve been having that strong urge again to write. WRITE!!! SHARE!!! TELL!!! I feel these really loving but loud promptings in my heart as I type. I can’t hold it in any longer, GOD IS GOOD and HE IS LOVE. I’ve just got to shout it out. What’s overflowing in me cannot be contained anymore. I really shouldn’t be afraid to tell the world what he has done in my life, and what is still doing.
So this is the start of my journey of words; Words that were always meant to be read not just by the one holding the pen (or keyboard).
Can I truly be comfortable blogging now?

It’s been 5 years and I’m at my 5th attempt;
I think it’s about time.

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