My Daddy is in Heaven

The Lord in his mercy,
took our daddy away.
I think he knew my dad’s wishes,
that heaven was a better place to stay.

About Him //

He was a bible fanatic,
his heart was for the word –
though many arguments arose,
when his passion for the word was stirred.

We’ll always remember his love
for languages, books and singing,
how much he loved Hebrew,
and how much he loved teaching.

He had always dreamed
of living in Israel,
now he’s in the promise land with Jesus –
whose love would never fail.

He stuck with his beliefs,
right to the very end –
Jesus is his Lord, his Saviour,
and his very best friend.

New Body //

We’re so happy for him
that he now has a new body,
that never grows old or sick,
that never grows weary.

He fought the good fight
and finished the race.
Despite the stroke and pain,
he always had on a happy face.

Neither once complaining,
nor blaming God.
Always saying God was good,
that he was his sovereign Lord.

Rest //

He finally has
entered into his rest.
He finally will enjoy
of Heaven’s Best.

Though miss him we shall
and in our hearts he’ll be,
lets see of him happy,
lets think of him free –

from worldly judgement
and fear of condemnation

Free //

For God is his only judge
and when he looks at him.
he sees the blood of Jesus,
that washes him clean.

There is now therefore
no condemnation for those who are in Christ.
The blood of Jesus
was once and for all suffice.

Thankful //

We thank God for every friend and family
whose lives touched his along his way.
We thank you on his behalf,
we know these are things he didn’t have a change to say. 

We thank you heavenly father
for loving our earthly dad.
And because of all these thoughts and words
we are no longer sad.

Rejoice //

Rejoice, Rejoice.

He is in Heaven.

Rejoice, Rejoice.

For in His presence,
there is fullness of Joy…


To all friends and family who have been standing by us in prayer and love, THANK YOU.
We appreciate your concern and condolences. It is truly at times like these that hope arises and love never fails. We are so thankful to God for you in our lives. God is Good, ALL THE TIME.

On the day my dad was buried, I couldn’t imagine him any other way but having the best time of his life in Heaven. If you asked me, I would say that this was the best retirement plan ever. He now lives in a mansion and hangs out with Jesus and all his loved ones that had gone before, and old friends too.

This verse really resonated in my heart that night as I recollected my thoughts and feelings:

So we’re not giving up.

How could we!

Even though on the outside
it often looks like things are falling apart on us,
on the inside,
where God is making new life,
not a day goes by
without his unfolding grace.

These hard times are small potatoes
compared to
the coming good times,
the lavish celebration prepared for us.

There’s far more here than meets the eye.

The things we see now are here today,
gone tomorrow.

But the things we can’t see now
will last

2 Cor 4:16-18
(The Message Translation)

GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME and ALL THINGS work for the good of those who love him. THANK YOU JESUS for in you I take refuge. I say to the Lord, you are my God, apart from you I have no good thing. For you alone are my portion and my cup, you make my life SECURE, the boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places, SURELY I have a delightful inheritance. I will say to the Lord who COMFORTS me, every night, even as my heart instructs me.

I have a JOY unspeakable, a PEACE that transcends ALL UNDERSTANDING.

The Lord is my fortress and my stronghold.

Thank you Jesus for your blood shed for me. For making the way to eternal life…. such that we don’t have to fear death, or the arrows and terrors that fly by night or day. Thank you that we are from the world but we are not of the world, thank you for the eternal life and homes you have prepared for us.



3 thoughts on “My Daddy is in Heaven

  1. so well written Hadassah!!! So much strength and unspeakable joy in you. you inspire me and others around 🙂

    My deepest condolences but rejoice as your dad ascends into heavenly realm and is having an amazing time with Jesus! =)

    lots of love,

  2. Carolyn Wee

    Very well said indeed! That was how we remembered him!

    A man full of courage and boldness! A man who was crazy with God and His word! A man who took the bold step of faith to leave his homeland with his whole family to Israel in the 90s' so he could pursue His Hebrew studies. With that bold step of faith, we were able to meet in Israel and got acquainted so deeply. A man who had a gifted singing voice! Aunty Janie and uncle Kam Sing too testified to his exceptional singing voice when they were in Israel visiting us. We were all at your home then. We enjoyed the time of singing praises together with your mum at the key board. The song, 10.000 reasons (Bless the Lord) by Matt Redman kept resonating in my mind. I specially love the last stanza, ” And on that day, when my strength is failing; The end draws near and my time has come; Still my soul will sing your praise unending; Ten thousand years and then forever more.” I can imagine your dad is singing like never before and worshipping His LORD now.

    We are still amazed how God brought us back to Singapore and gave us the opportunity to see your dad, sang and prayed over him before he went home to be with our LORD, the day after we visited him. We took comfort from Psalm 116:15, “Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of His saints.” We wish to be able to give you and Talitha a big warm hug and cried together at such a time like this. We love you both and please take good care! godpa & godma

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