My Earthly and Heavenly Dad

Thurday, the day that we posted that we might not be able to launch the April collection, was a very hard day for us.

My dad was breathing so heavily and with so much effort and the doctors said that he was only breathing through a One MM hole because his vocal chords had collapsed. They said that if they didn’t operate on him to insert a tube for him to breathe, he might 1) eventually go into a coma, turn blue and die. 2) Suddenly not be able to breathe and die. 3) Suffer in breathing with so much trouble for weeks and will be begging for the operation eventually and that we were inhumane to let him suffer like this because he didn’t want to do the operation. 

The doctors had to get the consent of my dad for the operation and so asked him repeatedly if he would agree to the the OP. They told him that if he didn’t do it he would die. He blinked 3 times as they asked for a NO, repeatedly. He also kept telling us that he wanted to go to heaven. He really looked like he was going to go anytime. It was really stressful as the doctors kept asking us to persuade our dad to do the operation, and on one hand we didn’t want him to suffer, but on the other hand we also felt that it was so much better if he went to heaven because there he would be in the presence of God with a brand new body and be in an amazing place with his loved ones that had passed on before him.

BUT! Praise God and thank you all for your prayers, within a few days he got so much better and now is even breathing without the help of the oxygen tube which was under his nose! His breathing is stabilized and  he even got transferred out of the intensive care area 🙂

Through this week of my earthly dad being in hospital, my heavenly dad has been talking to me and telling me these things:

I have been making eggs and toast everyday for the past one month and I still can’t get it to be like the YA KUN type of soft boiled eggs. It’s either overcooked on the outside and too runny on the inside, or just plain undercooked and all runny etc. Everyday I’ve been trying different timings and I’ve just realized that maybe the water was too boiling hot. I LOVE EGGS! But anyways after trying for so many days during breakfast and not getting it right, I felt a voice inside me tell me….” see, even for eggs there’s a perfect perfect timing”. And for everything God has his perfect timing.

Sometimes we want something and we think that we have to have it now or we tell God when we think it should happen by, but God knows better. He has his perfect timing for us, to get it just right.

On one of the days that I took a bus and train to the hospital, it rained quite heavily. As I was crossing the road, I saw one young lady carrying what seemed to me as the smallest umbrella ever. It really seemed to only cover her head and the rest of her body looked like it was going to get wet. I was thinking in my head, why use such a small umbrella and how is it going to shield her from the rain? I was looking around at other people’s umbrellas and there were many sizes of them around. Then God spoke to me in my heart and said, “Do you know that I have given all of you my children the choice to choose any umbrella you want to use when it rains? The storm is big, but I have given you the Umbrellas for them. It is your choice, don’t choose a small umbrella, use the biggest one”

Jesus said that ” all authority has been given to him on heaven and earth” ( Matt 28:18). And now, I who believe in him and have been made a daughter of Christ, now AS HE IS, SO AM I IN THIS WORLD ( 1 John 4:17). The same holy spirit that raised Jesus from the dead also lives in me! (Romans 8:11)

I am going to Carry THIS umbrella – ( Colossions 1:27) ” CHRIST IN ME, THE HOPE OF GLORY”

I know that Jesus ” took our sicknesses and bore our diseases” ( Matt 8:17) and By his stripes and all he suffered on the cross for our sins, we are healed (Isaiah 53:5), so why is it that my dad is still not able to walk, talk and eat? I know that God is a God who heals, and loves us and he has his perfect timing.

God reminded me during Church this Sunday about Abraham and Sarah. How he told Abraham that he is a father of many nations and his offspring would be as many as the stars. It was only 20 years later that he actually had a son, but Abraham believed God and it was counted unto him as righteousness. I don’t know how long it would take to see my dad manifest his healing, but I know that God is good, all the time, and when he promises sometime, it is always YES and AMEN.

Don’t look at my dad as being disabled, look to him as being healed and made whole.
Don’t look at my face when I have acne ( of which I am having some problems with now, honest truth), look to it as I have baby smooth, healed skin and it’s getting better everyday.
Just like, when I stopped looking at the figures of how my shop was doing everyday and worrying whether I was going to sell anything everyday, God just provided because I learned to trust in HIS PROVISION, that he was a God, who is my dad who is a God of More than enough ( Ephesians 3:20), and a God is will supply ALL MY NEEDS ( Philippians 4:19), the sales just started rolling in because I stopped worrying and started trusting.

I was listening to Pastor Prince’s sermon about Peter walking on water and it so spoke to my heart. He said that when Peter looked to Jesus and kept his eyes on Jesus, he was able to walk on water just like Jesus. But when he looked to the storm he got scared and started sinking. The point was that, in the first place, whether there was a storm, or not, Peter would NOT have been able to walk on water, because humans just can’t walk on water, but when we look to Jesus, we can walk on water just like him because as he is so are we in this world. We can walk on our circumstances, we can walk on the impossible, our circumstances are under our feet.

I’ve been listening to Joel Osteen recently. He is so encouraging and positive! I have always listened to sermons and talked to God but isn’t it funny how when you are put in a position where things could potentially go very wrong and depressing, you will be forced to make a decision that propels you to either becoming even stronger and happier and at rest OR dwelling on your problems and getting worried sick and giving up all hope?

I choose HOPE in God because I know without a doubt in my mind that HE IS LOVE and HE IS GOOD.

In fact, I’m quite excited to see what GOOD Is coming out of all of this because I know that ALL THINGS, work for the good of those who love him, and I love him because he first loved me. ( Romans 8:28)


One thought on “My Earthly and Heavenly Dad

  1. AWESOME STUFF, HADASSAH!!!!!! keep asking, seeking and knocking and it WILL be given to you, press down shaken together and running over!!! God god is the God of impossible!! Nothing is too hard for Him!!! Praying and believing with you for complete restoration in your Dad's health!!!! lots of love, lana

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