Why we might not launch the April Collection

Dearest Darlings,

our dad was admitted to hospital 5 days ago for stroke and other complications. He isn’t looking good and his condition has been deteriorating. Long story short, we don’t know how long he has left and even if he lives what his condition will be and so we haven’t been able to really focus on Hadasity and have been camping at the hospital. And because we can’t predict what is going to happen we really can’t say if we will be mentally and emotionally able to prepare the collection for launch this month since our designs are usually so happy and with our dad in hospital it’s quite hard to be colourful if you know what I mean 😦

Anyways we didn’t really want to announce it to the whole world but my friend suggested that we blog it to let you know… because we really want you to know that we wouldn’t not launch the April Collection for no good reason and we wouldn’t just take off from emails and work like that if not for the situation that we are in now.

Keep us and our dad in your prayers okay?

Lots of Love as always 🙂
Hadassah and Talitha.


2 thoughts on “Why we might not launch the April Collection

  1. Hi Hadassah,
    Please take care of yourself too while looking after your dad. Will keep your dad in prayers…hang in there ya!
    May the force be with you…
    Best regards,

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