10 days in London! – Part Two

And so where was I last at…. I can’t believe it has been almost 3 months since I last posted! So many things have happened. I was so swamped with Christmas and New Year orders and I was moving house ( YES I LOVE MY NEW PLACE! ) and now am finally settled in! I just came back from Taiwan and even went to bali in January but I want to tell you about my London trip first! 🙂
So yes, i was at the Museum of the Natural History and was SO AMAZED at all these naturally formed rocks that had such pretty colours! And the shapes and structures… can you believe that these were FORMED over the years, JUST LIKE THAT? It really had me thinking that God is really the ULTIMATE DESIGNER. HE is SO creative. He created CREATIVE because he created us! WOW. I was blown away. Even the shades of colours were amazing, like the YELLOWS and pinks! I draw so much inspiration from nature because it really has the best colour palettes 🙂

THE LONDON EYE !!! Confirm have to take picture here, I am a tourist ! 🙂 The weather was so cold ( to me) I had to wear my super thick gloves that I kind of think are a little like the ones people wear before they open a durian. Very unglam.


Another place I tried to go to hunt for vintage pieces was CAMDEN TOWN which turned out to be really disappointing. Before the trip I had googled and youtubed Camden town to read up on it and it was supposedly the “best market” in the world! I walked the entire place and really all they were selling were stuff that was imported from China like Tribal pants and just generally stuff that I could get in Chatuchak and of course at like way higher prices because of the exchange rate. I guess it would be a pretty good market to some, but I really didn’t quite like it 😦

The ONLY SAVING GRACE in that place was a little cute shop I found at THE STABLES ( which is kind of another area in the market).  I LOVED THIS SHOP!!! The owner was a young man whom had taken over running the shop with his mom and it has been in his family for years. I got quite a few miniature pots and vases and some brooches here. If you ever go to CAMDEN you HAVE TO COME HERE!


( kinda like HADA-SITY eh, maybe that’s why we are friends! haha)

Unit 92 The Stables Market
Chalk Farm Road

London NW1 8AH
Neighbourhood: Camden Town

I must really thanks my HADASITY DARLING, SU MIN for bringing me around LONDON that day!!!
She bought hadasity and she lives in london, so when i was planning to go there, I brought up all her jewellery and passed them to her in person and we got to meet and hang out! We didn’t manage to take many nice photos but I have this one nice photo of her and I just want to say a big THANK YOU DEAR! HUGS.
If you have been following us on facebook, you would know that she is also responsible for drawing a portrait of me and I think she is SO TALENTED ! XOXO


Another place that really AMAZED me and you have to visit in London is –

158 Regent Street, London
Tel: 020 7529 9800
The way the entire store was done up and displayed just really makes you feel like you are in vintage wonderland. They used antique cupboards, doors, mirrors, baskets, door knobs, everything and anything to display their good and it was all done up as if you were in an artist’s home! I really wanted to LIVE THERE so bad. I think I “lingered” around for close to 2 hours just admiring everything. It wasn’t so much the clothing or the things they sold but more of how the place was done up. It does also make you feel like buying everything! I walked away with A BOOK and a pair of orange jeans *only* . I really wanted to buy everything!!!!

MY BOOK !! ” THE SELBY” is in your place!
SEE MORE of his work at: http://theselby.com/
I was really happy to see this because I had come across this photographer’s website before and I was really in love with all his shots. He basically takes photos of people’s homes and alot of them are creative people – artists, musicians, designers, etc. I LOVE THEIR HOMES!
And so when i came back to the hotel room, i started reading or more like looking at the pictures of the book and got so inspired to draw one of their rooms.  


AND SO… my search for vintage on my last few days brought me to GRAYS MEWS which had alot of fine vintage jewellery collectibles  in silver and real gold, but of all of the 200 shops, only a few had the kind of costume vintage brooches that I wanted to buy. But Sadly, I can’t find the namecard of the shop and I totally forgot the nice lady’s name! 😦 You can find her shop in the basement and you have to walk down this stairway right at the corner HERE! >>>

 Some of the other stuff that they sell over there which are so pretty as well!

I hope you had fun reading about my London Trip!
I promise to update again soon about TAIWAN!!!



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