Jet Set October – Bangkok

October has been a crazy month for me! I planned a trip to Bangkok with my sister in the first week and didn’t expect to travel anytime soon after but my husband was sent to London for a work trip at the last minute and we just thought, how could I not go? 🙂 Will update my London trip in my next post!
A relatively new mall called Terminal 21 was quite impressive! Actually, it was only the toilets that i was goo goo gaaing over! Every level had a different theme and country and I was so in love with the San Francisco floor especially! I always appreciate good interiors so I couldnt help taking pictures of the restrooms… so pretty!!!

My house is almost ready and I will be moving soon! Me and my hub have been looking around for nice plates and all and when I was at Chatuchat I found these beautiful plates and cups! I love the silver lining on them – simple yet special. I think we will have to make another trip down just for these!

And will you look at those frames? Gorgeous! Dreaming of my photo wall 🙂

My sister was very excited to discover that at this angle, I would look like I have many versions of me behind me…. an army of Hadassah!

Our attempts at local life – local bands and many big groups of locals celebrating birthdays!
We tried googling and looking for local thai bands but couldnt find many and those that we tried going to were no longer there! It was quite sad. But we did discover some nice places with nice interiors – my fave!

Street food – the best meal we had there by far! This was a stall that randomly popped up at night beside the 7-eleven by the roadside near our hotel. We loved it so much we decided on our last night we were going to have street food again! So we saved our tummys for it and headed down to the7-11 only to find out that there wasn’t a stall there at all and the roads were so quiet.. I guess cause it was a Tuesday? And so … now we know that they probably only set up stall on the weekends. It was so mysterious and random! Our favourite food stall disappeared! 😦


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