All smiles, All week

I wore my “Marmalade the Circus Elephant” Statement Necklace out so much this week. I think even for me, though I make all the necklaces at Hadasity, I get excited when I decide to keep one because it feels like I just bought something new! And I don’t really keep many of the pieces!

People always ask me, if I would want to keep all the best pieces for myself, but the truth is I would rather sell them and let them have happy homes because that would mean that my art was appreciated and an artist is most happy when people appreciate their art I guess!
So I needed a new Favourite Pet so I kept her. She really was quite faithful to match everything i wanted to wear! Oh wait, or did I choose my “wear” based on “her” ?

I was stuck at home as my husband had to rush off to play golf *his favourite* and so I was left to my own devices. In between sipping/gulping my coffee on this hot sunday afternoon, I couldn’t help but stare down at my toes, and laze outstretched in my uber comfy t shirt dress. It was, Sunday after all. 🙂 Now, how could I leave my stack cuffs behind? I should stop referring to them as people… but when they take a form of their own and are one of a kind, they somewhat develop feelings for you as you for them – don’t you think?

Hmm… Yes. I do have arm hair! As a really funny male customer ( thank God I appreciated his humor ) once and always calls me – HAIRY ARMS. He cracks me up. But, I am like every normal human being who has hair on my body, yes? I can’t be embarrassed about the way I was made. I love my nickname. He is hilarious!

 I wore her to watch a Musical as well. I was too shy to take photos at Marina Bay Sands so I took photos against a blue wall in the carpark. Very GLAM! :p
I just had to show you the plenty of ways Marmalade makes me happy!
* Carrying a vintage victorian looking bag I got in NY at a flea market, and my orange skirt which was one of the first few things I sewed myself when I was in NY thinking if I should enter Parsons… of which in the end I decided it was too much money and time and my husband only had 1 more year in NYU so I started … HADASITY! Looking back it was all a blessing as God always makes EVERYTHING work out for our good 🙂
My husband booked tickets for Avenue Q and though I watched it before, I didn’t remember it being so… R – A . They sing about such controversial issues and the tunes really get stuck in your head in a bad way. I really wouldn’t watch this again because of the content and if you’re a parent I wouldn’t encourage you to let your kids eyes/ears enter into this world, if you know what i mean! If you loved it, no condemnation though! It really didn’t sit well with me 😦

 And then I attended the most endearing and happening wedding of the year! The darling bosses of SOON LEE tied the knot and it was a def a night to remember! Here with the SOON LEE girls who really dressed up to the theme of 1920s ( of which I forgot about, silly me! ) … at least I was wearing a vintage top but, STILL ! 😦 Felt major FAIL about the not dressing up part!
 With the whole shebang at SOON LEE! The girls there are really all so gorgeous, cheerful, fashionable, kind… I don’t know where they all come from!

 HERE COMES THE BRIDE! It was dark though I think there were so many better photos taken with proper cameras from the other girls but I’m just gonna put the ones in my phone up though not super nice but at least no plagiarism :pp
^^ This one is SUPER BLUR but thanks for darling G for the photo. She was the manager at Soon lee previously but has moved back to melbourne! MISS YOU ! I asked her to take it and send it to me, how can I not post this up? She looks so pretty! 🙂
I instagrammed these photos already but I think it’s okay to repost yes? The stack cuffs look so nice and bright in Shining Armour 🙂

 SUNDAYs are always comfy dressing days for me. in slippers and all!
We had visitors this entire weekend and just ATE AND ATE AND ATE SO MUCH.
The buffet at the Straits @hyatt is really SO good. * Quite out of point * 
 AND then comes the OCTOBER LAUNCH! Some of the photos that “PASSED”. Wearing the ” A SWEET MESH” Necklace and “Zebra-ed” Cuff in this shoot.

 ^^ KISS KISS ^^ !! 😉

Okay, that’s it ! I have exhausted my entire iphoto library for the week that’s ALL the photos I have. Hope you enjoyed walking through this week with me and find a new pet that you can bring everywhere you go with everything you wear from this month’s collection!



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