Wake me up when September ends

September is some kind of special.
So many people were born in this month and it’s great for tying the knot too!

The weather is also particularly not so easy breezy, and so putting up your hair in a mad bun is sometimes called for!

On days when you’re feeling happy, 
take more photos on steps.

And SMILE Often !

And wait for the breeze to come and flip your hair even when it doesn’t.

Always make time to meet your friends, especially when it’s their birthday.
You could also try letting the good people at the restaurant you are having your meal at know it’s your friends birthday. They might give your free champagne on the house!!!

GRAZE at Rochestor Park 🙂 Pretty Awesome!

And then there are weddings to attend, and girlfriends to meet.
And you think, must I wear a dress?

I’ve always felt a moral obligation to wear a long evening gown/frock to a wedding dinner.
WHY, I asked myself. So, I decided not to. I don’t have many dresses anyways.

I’m wearing a black toga dress that I never wore out since I bought it almost 3 years ago cause it was too short to wear as a dress. And then I thought, why don’t I tuck it in my skirt and wear it as a top! PERFECT!

And the statement necklaces that I had loved and worn had most recently been bought by Hadasity darlings who fell in love with them. So I had to choose a new one to call my own – ” Marmalade, The Circus Elephant”  was ordained as the new neck piece of the month, and I think it was a good elephant 🙂

 Wedding dinners are somewhat awkward sometimes. Especially when you are only close to the bride and know NO ONE ELSE well, and you decide not to take your husband along for fear of his boredom. So it’s so so so nice when you are on the same table as amazing people whom start off as complete strangers and who turn out to be your long lost friends whom you feel like you have know for, forever.
I really really enjoyed this wedding dinner, because it’s always THE COMPANY that counts 🙂

Till my next blind date ….

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