A Vintage Themed Hen Party!

 Sometime ago, my gorgeous friend Beth got married and we had her hen party at Carpenter and Cook !
The dress code was vintage, which, of course I had no qualms about! I love a good old school party! Always a good reason to whip out my otherwise overly printed dresses which don’t quite go with my usual Jewellery get-up! The bride-to-be was wearing the red polka-dotted dress and my gorgeous sister is at the far right. I do feel that my friend Cindy on my left did a super good job! In this setting, it might be possible that we “turned back time”.

 Hmm why am I frowning? 🙂
 This picture really reminds me of… the local show I really enjoyed from childhood days… GROWING UP!
If you are Singaporean you would know this show and oh those were the days!

We ended the night at the Esplanade’s Rooftop bar ORGO.
Her cute *now-husband* in his swedish get-up, along with the rest of the boys, had to sing “I’m Yours” to her and we made them get a little jiggy with it and re-enact the proposal.
It was a fun night!

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