Bali Dream // Two

Mine, as in… made them for Hadasity and ended up keeping it and never remaking another! 

 Saloni Rathor // A good friend’s label which is part of the Parco Designers this year! She is launching her A/W Collection soon on the 8th of September I’m excited for her!
 I had this Caesar Salad everyday that I was staying at the Bulgari… it was truly the best thing!
And my dear husband ate this Satay Chicken everyday as well…. When I like something, I eat it almost every other day till I’m really sick of it. When I was in school, I had ” The Corrs” on my ancient discman on repeat for an another month. Till this day, I shudder when I hear their songs playing on the radio because I really Overdosed on it….I laugh at myself sometimes when I think of these things. Why do I do the things I do? I am a strange one.


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