The day I said, I do

 This was what I wore on the day I said I do, 4 years ago. I’ve been married for a wonderful and happy 4 years and I still feel like I have the best husband in the whole wide world!

Even though I did feel like a million bucks, my outfit was quite the opposite!
A) multiway gemdrop necklace – Hadasity ( my own )
B) classic cuff – Hadasity
C) Vintage cream clutch bag from a antiques flea in New York ( $5 USD )
D) Multi-strand cluster faux pearl necklace ( costume jewelry shop in BKK – approx $5 SGD ?)
E) Long knit black dress from Giordano ladies ( a basic piece I got years ago ! )
F) Gold/Brown Knit Cardigan ( I got think maybe almost 10 years ago from Samuel and Kelvin a Hongkong brand when i was still schooling! )
G) Blue batik print/hot pink heels – handmade crafted special shoes I discovered in the Chatuchat market in Bangkok. One of a Kind! – $50 SGD
H) Brown Leather Vintage Belt – passed over from my auntie’s friend who used to collect belts (YAY)

If I must say, it’s really fun to mix and match your statement pieces with basics that you have had for eons which you probably think you can’t wear anymore or have no use for. You really never know! Maybe that’s why my husband says that I’m a hoarder cause I keep so many of the bags, jewellery , clothing and shoes that I have owned since I was a teenager. The key is to buy timeless things that will never go out of fashion because they were never IN fashion/ the trend of the season – to begin with! So they don’t end up being passé 🙂

I really encourage you to find the beauty in the things that you used to love once upon a time and bring new life into them with jewellery, a vintage bag, your mother’s pearls, etc. Playing Dress Up with things you used to own in a new way is fun !


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