Peach Tassles and Paddle Pops

I think it’s pretty crazy how much I love thrifting and shopping at places that most people wouldn’t so I might really just start sharing how much I actually paid for some of the stuff I have!

A) Peach Tassle earrings I made just for myself
B) White cotton shirt from Thailand – so extremely comfortable, smart and affordable at $8 SGD !
C) Light denim skinny jeans from Forever 21 in Seattle. I have no idea why they were so cheap but they were only $12 USD can you believe that? That’s why I would never pay hundreds of dollars for jeans in Singapore!
D) Vintage paddlepop coloured ribbon shoes From STUART WEIZMAN. I didn’t know this brand from before but I saw that they were in such great condition and design so I got them! Then I find out that it’s an amazing brand with much history! I got them at the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market in New York for $20 USD super score again! I love great finds!

Watch the history of SUART WEIZMAN here !


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