An old friend’s wedding!

{ Sunshine bright shiny day }
A) Bright Yellow flower top from Forever 21 Twelve by Twelve
B) Purple floral vintage skirt made in Japan
C) Retro white beaded necklace
D) Cork heels , Charles and Keith 

 A crazy fun wedding photo booth with all these props and afros even!
The bride and groom danced down the church aisle just after crying heartfelt tears while honoring their mothers with flowers. I teared, I couldn’t help it! The bride and I were long lost friends when we were 10 we used to do sleepovers at her place. And somehow along the way we lost contact for more than 10 years and I’m so happy for the day I bumped into her again! This is life, sweetly divine.
My husband couldn’t make it for the wedding dinner so here I am with my close Brother {L} !
Wearing my mother-in-law’s dress – yes,  I can wear her clothes !
Orange hand-sewn bag from a dear friend at Carrot Pepper

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