Creams and Blues

A) Floaty cream top ( random boutique in New York, yes i did so much shopping when i was there! )
B) Sky Blue Vintage Pants ( Hong Kong )
C) My white Hadasity Classic Cuff
D) Brown coach bag, again (* note to self to change my bag soon I can get lazy :p )
E) Brown leather Pedro Heels which are super comfy too!
F) Belt I found at a flea market from an uncle who said he handmade them.
( I am so upset with myself for not getting his details because these belts are really quite fab i bought 3 ! )
G) I almost forgot i was wearing my Hadasity Agate Trio necklace which you could buy here!

Did you have a fun-filled, stylish, colourful, loved-to-the-brim weekend?
I did! With A full-on wedding on Saturday, and cooking lunch for mother’s day, church and then another mother’s day dinner it was really so downright colourful !!!!!


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