Jumping Jumper

Here’s how  I wear my necklaces … with , ANYTHING ! 😉
I have some customers who are afraid they don’t know how to match the necklaces or feel as though they can only wear them with gowns and evening wear but you can wear it even with a denim jumper!

I know my jewelry is in most of my outfits but i have to admit they are kind of the only jewellery I wear!
Except the occassional costume vintage jewelry like chunky pearls and retro bead necklaces I would throw on with a printed and very complicated top for balance 🙂

A) Hadasity Statement Necklace
B) H&M cotton long sleeve shirt
C) Denim short jumpsuit ( from a random boutique in Seattle I can’t remember where! )
D) Cole Haan brown leather shoes ( from the Jersey Outlets they were 70% off ! )
– my friend was so cute and asked me why i wore my husband’s shoes out…
E) Coach Brown Bag


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